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Beyond The Branches

Assisting our animal companions in finding balance and true healing.

Hello and welcome to Beyond The Branches, I'm Libby Robinson,  Usui Reiki Master, Emotion Code™ practitioner and intuitive healer focused on bringing balance and healing to animals and all of nature. I accomplish this through releasing trapped emotions and assisting Divine Love.

I am also a creative writer and I love to share the divine wisdom given through nature...for me, these are truly profound teachings.



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Libby Robinson - Beyond The Branches
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Beyond The Branches Animal Healing


There are many different signs that your animal companion is suffering from an energetic or emotional imbalance (Animal Imbalance Indicators). Many times our beloved animals show us they need assistance by exhibiting destructive or fearful behavior as well as having physical ailments, such as digestive or skin issues and more.


These "issues" are typically resolved through releasing the trapped emotional energies (bioenergetics) as well as utilizing Reiki to activate and invite divine balancing.

In most cases, I suggest a minimum of 3 sessions (The New Client Package). This provides a solid foundation for healing and the grace to incorporate the shifted energy.


Typically, many issues are resolved and a peaceful demeanor is noticed almost immediately. 

Beyond the Branches Energy Balancing Session Can:

  • Release physical challenges or distress

  • Eliminate negative animal behavior

  • Delete anxious behavior patterns

  • Minimize negative relationships with people or other animals

  • Ease the stress when an adopted pet is adjusting

Session Options

Beyond The Branches Animal Healing


3 sessions focused on addressing imbalances and establishing a foundation for healing.

Beyond The Branches Animal Healing


Best option for established clients with new blockages or continued healing

  • All Sessions Available both at a distance or in person.

  • Multi-Animal homes + animals currently living in foster or rescue environments also welcome!

Contact Beyond The Branches to Schedule an Appointment

Call or Text: 602.809.9923


Methods of Healing
Hand & Tree Image - Libby Robinson - Beyond The Branches


A new healing modality discovered/created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, using tools from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to release emotional baggage trapped within our energy field.  The Emotion Code releases trapped emotions to allow for abundant health and happiness in ways that are just as appropriate for Horses, Dogs, Cats (and all pets) as they are for humans.

Science has verified that animals feel all the same emotions that people feel. Research has identified the limbic or ‘feeling’ parts of the brain to prove that animals and birds are sentient beings, with a full range of emotions and reactions to experiences.  In fact, since the limbic region is one of the most primitive parts of the brain, we now know that humans and animals have always possessed emotions. Animals are very sensitive and hence they can be extremely affected by their experiences in life.  In the same way that this negative emotional energy can become trapped in the human body so they can also become trapped in an animals body thus creating imbalances leading to behavioral issues, pain or dis-ease. These trapped emotions have been found to be the most common imbalance in animals. Nine times out of ten the problems they are experiencing are due to trapped energies/emotions. In exactly the same way we can release these energy imbalances from the human body so we can release these from the body of any animal. Animals respond very rapidly and positively to this work.


Reiki is an energy healing system that channels universal life energy along energetic pathways, thereby healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The energy is directed by intention from the healer to the receiver, be it a person or animal. Practitioners act as a conduit, allowing the intelligent energy to flow where it is most needed by the receiver.

Most Reiki practitioners believe that all physical pain has non-physical roots in emotional trauma, negative mental patterns, or spiritual despair.

During a Reiki session, animals often experience a deep state of peace as the Reiki clears imbalances, allowing for new and harmonious patterns of health and wellness to emerge. Physical contact is not a requirement for Reiki and traditionally the practitioner offers Reiki to the animal hands off. This way, the animal controls the treatment, either accepting Reiki from a distance or settling themselves against the practitioners hands.

Hand in the Sky Image - Libby Robinson - Beyond The Branches


  • Heals at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

  • Remains gentle and non-invasive, but powerful.

  • Finds the source of the problem and brings healing, whether we know the problem or not.

  • Can relieve symptoms and reduce pain.

  • Accelerates healing of illnesses and injuries; speeds up healing after surgery.atments.

  • Improves behavior problems and heals anxiety-related problems.

  • Promotes energetic harmony, wellbeing, relaxation and stress relief.

  • Complements both conventional and alternative healing methods

  • Eases the transition to death when physical healing isn’t possible.

My role as an emotional and spiritual healer in animals is to assist them in clearing out trapped emotions and helping return their soulful self to balance. In doing this, many times, behavior issues and obvious emotional issues are resolved. However, once the animal is back in emotional and spiritual balance, if behaviors which are considered inappropriate continue, then perhaps it is more of a training or energetic issue in the home. With repetitive stress or unclear boundaries, sometimes behavior issues will remain even when the animal is emotionally balanced. It is important to investigate clear animal communication and training if needed to establish healthy behaviors. That being said, the majority of time, once traumas are released and emotional balance is reached, most destructive or inappropriate behaviors diminish or are resolved. While as a healer, I cannot guarantee results that may be interpreted as perfect, I can absolutely without a doubt commit to providing healing and guiding the animal into peaceful balance and therefore a more fulfilling and joy filled life.

Beyond The Branches Animal Healing
About Libby
Libby Robinson Beyond The Branches
Beyond The Branches Animal Healing
Beyond The Branches Animal Healing
Beyond The Branches Animal Reiki
Beyond The Branches - Animal Reiki

I am a mother of three, an energy healer and inspirational writer.  Currently I live in Scottsdale, Arizona but my earliest childhood years were spent in the northern woods of Wisconsin. It is while living in these unspoiled woods that my relationship and love for nature began.

Later in life, I attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and then moved west.  

Throughout my life, I have felt connected to animals and nature.  I have ridden horses since the age of 4 and I have always had several animals as a part of my “family.”  

When studying Reiki and energy healing in my 40s, I noticed an ability and desire to assist animals in their journey towards balance. I started to pursue a deeper understanding and practice specifically focused on bringing healing to non-human creatures. I call these “ heart-speakers”,  the amazing creatures God brings into our lives to teach us unconditional love while not being able to “speak” with common language. It is through these sessions that I have witnessed divine healing in action and I continue to offer healing to any in need.

Throughout my adult years, I also began to transcribe poetry/prose and other wisdom given to me while meditating  and walking amongst the trees. I have shared these life lessons with many and wish to extend the gift of these words to all who open their hearts to listen. Truly, the natural world is the first teacher when it comes to finding joy and living peacefully in the present moment.





I'm always open to non-profits, foster care organizations or anyone helping animals live a better life. Currently, I'm working with:

  • Wild At Heart Raptor Rescue, Cave Creek Arizona

  • Hunkapi Farms, Scottsdale Arizona

Bette B's Dog Image - Beyond The Branches

Gratitude!!!! Libby identified and released trapped emotions from Kato (dog). Kato was rescued twice and suffered IBS when I left for 2+ days. One session and Kato was a happier and healthier dog.  His medications (on for 2 months) were discontinued - yea! Libby also provided techniques to reduce Kato's anxiety. 

Thank you for sharing your gift with us!
-Bette B.

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