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Moving Forward

Recently one of the sweet pups I was treating passed on. This opened up an awareness shared to her human companion about the purpose of a pet’s time with us.

I feel this is applicable to all who find themselves sharing this life with an animal family member.


*(Excerpt from my private messages so the names are changed for privacy)

On my walk tonight, I live by the reservation and at sunset I thought of your pup Angel.

I received a feeling of almost being “effervescent” without her body and the relief and lightness it is and her knowing that someday You too will understand what it feels like to be free.

And then I asked if there was anything she wanted me to share with you , to touch your heart and this is what she “told” me…

I am love.

I was love to her

I am love to her

I will always be love to her.

In her mind and in her heart.

And when the memory of me softens and fades. I am still a part of Elizabeth’s love.

I am a part of her heart forever and neither of us will ever be the same.

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