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Soaring Bird Image - Libby Robinson - Beyond the Branches
Libby Robinson - Beyond The Branches Animal Reiki

Hello and welcome to Beyond The Branches, I'm Libby Robinson,  Usui Reiki Master, Emotion Code™ practitioner and intuitive healer focused on bringing balance and healing to animals and all of nature. I accomplish this through releasing trapped emotions and assisting Divine Love.

I am also a creative writer and I love to share the divine wisdom...for me, these are truly profound teachings.

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Call or Text: 602.809.9923



🌿What the earth tells me

I am bits and pieces of you
And of those before you

There is no name to hold me
Like God
I am all you know
I am a piece not whole
None of us are

I do not breathe
Yet I live
Like you
Always changing
Different each passing moment

Fluid in element and intangible waves
I hold and give
A mother’s swollen breast
Infinitely open

I do not feel pain yet
I ache to be held
Created to digest shadow
Then push Light
Out through you

I am like the stars
My radiance depends on the same
The same invisible hand you too
Rely on

My lesson is
In this moment

Throw me your shadow
And relish the Light reaching from me
To you.

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Sunset Stroll - Libby Robinson - Beyond the Branches Animal Reiki
Libby Robinson - Sunset Image - Beyond The Branches Animal Reiki


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