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🌿The trees tell us stories

how they too had limbs


While helplessly watching voracious winds carry life

and love


They cannot rip the still pulsating pieces

from invisible hands

leaving behind

scattering breathing bits of their bodies

like feathers

upon the damp earth

They cannot reach out and gather the lost extensions of


A promise

A hope

Another’s heart

Another’s breath

Wisdom at times seizes pieces of us

Removed for reasons beyond mind’s reach.

We are forced to watch the carnage dry and die

in the sun.

God dismembers us

to keep us


His lessons are

Never haphazard and

eternally Perfect

our bits,

once dried and broken

become a canvas

for another.

The Wise Ones tell us

beauty is hidden in the


of our being

For in time, all things complete

the cycle

and Light begins


Shine bright, dear one

Shine bright.

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